Staffing/Hiring Alternative

Staffing Alternative

Advanced RPO goes beyond traditional staffing. Whereas traditional staffing is the reactive hiring process of filling a client’s needs as they arise, Advanced RPO’s team is highly proactive. We build extremely close client relationships, and partner with you to work on any or all aspects of the talent acquisition process.  Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides organizations leading-edge talent acquisition functionality. It provides you access to the best talent engagement tools and resources to ensure you’re positioned to hire the best talent, for every role.

RPO 101 Infographic
RPO 101

The need for RPO has grown dramatically in recent years, as in-house HR teams find themselves buried in online applications, with limited recruiting expertise coupled with evermore complex regulations and documentation requirements. To maintain administrative efficiency, scale recruiting activities, compliance and source, recruit and engage the best candidates, companies turn to Advanced RPO to offer tremendous value as a recruiting alternative.   

How Is Advanced RPO Different Than Staffing?

Staffing traditionally fills positions on an as-needed basis, client relationships are by nature transactional: after the position is filled, the fee is paid, and the agency and client go their separate ways. In staffing engagements, there tends to be less continuity and longer learning curves. Furthermore, because a staffing solution often specializes in specific areas of hiring (for example, executive, sales, temp), a company may be forced to work with multiple agencies to meet its recruiting needs.

In contrast, Advanced RPO functions as an extension of your own recruiting or HR team. We are built to handle all aspects of talent acquisition, including screening, talent engagement, compliance and risk management, workforce planning and strategic consulting. Because Advanced RPO performs at a high level in all parts of the recruitment process, their knowledge of best practices, new techniques and workflow technology is unsurpassed. 

Advanced RPO Provides the Services Your Company Needs

Wide-ranging competence enables Advanced RPO to help you meet your overall strategic talent acquisition goals and find the best fit for every position. Whether this means taking on all talent acquisition responsibilities or providing support in specific areas depends entirely on your needs. Some clients are eager to completely unburden their internal HR staff to focus on other critical areas; other clients require a more focused approach. Because Advanced RPO understands all companies have unique starting points, we offer three distinct frameworks for collaboration:

  • End-to-End RPO: the outsourcing of all aspects of talent acquisition to Advanced RPO. This solution is ideal for companies seeking transformational results in their recruiting management, processes, candidate experience and overall results.
  • Hybrid RPO: the customized outsourcing of selected parts of the recruiting process to our team. If your staff needs help in specific areas to achieve the desired level of performance, we can provide the expert support you require.
  • Project RPO: working with Advanced RPO on a project basis, with a focused, customized scope, is highly effective when you must quickly scale your recruiting efforts (for example, during a business expansion), or have unusual requirements such as niche positions to fill.

In all cases, we work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business objectives and challenges. This allows us to identify and attract the candidates with the greatest potential to succeed in your organization. In addition, we want to understand your company culture and communication style so well that your staff regards us as an integral part of the team.

Clients come to Advanced RPO to overcome a wide range of recruitment challenges. If any of these situations sound familiar, we are eager to learn more and collaborate on a plan to help you reach your goals.

  • Your company is experiencing high and unpredictable recruiting costs.
  • Your company needs help hiring more quickly to meet your business’s growth demands.
  • Your company needs recruitment expertise to meet the specialized hiring demands for your business — now and in the future.
  • Your company does not yet have a recruiting infrastructure.

Contact us if you are ready to learn more about Advanced RPO’s recruiting process that gets results.