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I’m struggling to hire talent in today’s market.

Advanced RPO makes hiring talent easier for you by developing comprehensive strategies to attract, engage and recruit the best candidates. Our strategic planning includes partnering with you to build a metrics-driven recruitment process that delivers results. Read More

I don’t have an internal recruiting function.

Advanced RPO’s end-to-end recruitment solution can serve as your organization’s hiring solution. Our team works directly with your hiring managers to execute a custom talent acquisition program designed for your organization. Why take on the fixed overhead of recruitment resources and technology, when you can partner with Advanced RPO and build out a scalable solution with an experienced team? Read More

My recruiting function lacks the necessary capacity.

Advanced RPO operates as an extension of your team, giving you additional recruitment capacity when hiring volume spikes and ability to control costs when your hiring demand decreases. We integrate with our clients to provide a seamless experience for both candidates and hiring managers. Read More

I need a technology-driven hiring program.

Recruiting is our business, therefore we are continuously evaluating and investing in the most effective recruitment technology. Advanced RPO structures our partnerships to align with best practices that balances digital efficiency and a human touch. Read More
More Ways We Can Help You

Critical Keys to a Successful Hiring Program

  • Data analysis
  • Dedicated resources
  • Diversity strategy
  • Exceptional candidate experience
  • Functional recruitment expertise
  • Hiring manager partnership
  • Passive recruitment
  • Proven and defined programs
  • Scalability
  • Social recruitment marketing strategy
  • Strong employment brand

We can serve all industries and are specialized in these:

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    Life Sciences
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    Health Care
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    Advanced Manufacturing
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    Finance & Fin Tech

Best, Most Experienced Leadership and Delivery Team

  • Pam Verhoff
    Years RPO
  • John Hess
    Executive Vice President, Operations
    Years RPO
  • Tim Oyer
    Vice President, Sales
    Years RPO

Advanced RPO is the industry’s premier provider of talent acquisition solutions. Pioneers in RPO, President Pam Verhoff, Executive Vice President John Hess, and Vice President Tim Oyer have directly influenced the industry during the past 20 years and are still transforming it today. Together, these three executives have successfully designed, administered and managed hundreds of hiring programs.

The entire Advanced RPO team is committed to serving our clients well and consistently. We are respected for our stability (a 96% retention rate) and team spirit, which in turn, help us keep our customers happy — and retain our customers. Every one of our clients is referenceable.

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You’ll Love Working with Advanced RPO!

“Seriously, this would not have happened without you and your team! We needed great talent and you brought it home just as we needed!”

Clinical Research

“I wasn’t sure about an outsourced solution. You’ve made me a believer in RPO.”

Vice President, HR

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Advanced RPO as a recruiting partner…every step of the way, they are easy to work with and provide value to our organization.”

Director of HR

“We have developed an amazing partnership with Advanced RPO. We could not have come close to building a comparable recruiting organization in-house from a time, cost or quality perspective without the Advanced RPO team.”

Vice President, HR